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George Eckes has 1 of the top 7 six sigma books as rated by Supply Chain Opz.

The Six Sigma Revolution – is one of the top 25 best business books of the new millennium.
- Strategy and Business Magazine

Book Releases:
Six Sigma Execution

George Eckes’ new book focuses on the “how” of Six Sigma. Specifically, the author of four previous Six Sigma books discusses how to gain active management involvement, how to link Six Sigma activities to the strategic business objectives of the organization, and how to use adult learning theory to execute Six Sigma training and coaching in a more efficient manner.

“…Eckes actually lays out detailed case studies from his retreats and seminars practically handing you an agenda for getting a Six Sigma project off the ground. You’ll feel like you’ve been part of a Six Sigma initiative form its opening stages."

Six Sigma for Everyone

A practical guide that explains the underpinnings of the revolutionary quality assurance methodology. Appropriate for employees and top management alike… It tells you what Six Sigma is and is not, what it does and how it does it, and what your role likely will be in the implementation process. Eckes uses straightforward definitions and in-depth examples to outline the processes, impact and desired end result of implementation-eliminating the confusion and fear many feel when first introduced to Six Sigma. If you need to understand the basics, then this is the book for you.

“…I would recommend this book to anyone who has considered implementing Six Sigma. A useful guide to anyone who want to learn more about this approach…"
- Supply Management

“Highly Recommended!" -

“This is an essential book for those leading the initiative in Lean.Recommended for all quality and managerial personnel."
- L. Pepper

Historically in the top 5% of Six Sigma bestsellers.

Six Sigma Team Dynamics

Research shows that the primary reason for project failure is poor team dynamics. In George Eckes’ third book he addresses how to build positive team chemistry from the clear delineation of the responsibilities of team membership, expert sponsorship of the team to project management skills. Through Six Sigma Team Dynamics you will learn how to achieve those objectives and build functional, effective and efficient teams.

“Any Six Sigma effort without facilitative leadership is a hit or miss. Six Sigma Team Dynamics is a thorough discussion of the roles, responsibilities and pitfalls to avoid as a project team traverses through the DMAIC process."
- Mike Kaupa Chief Operating Officer Park Nicollet Health Care

“George makes Six Sigma simple…This book is like a George Eckes session. You learned a lot, it seems so simple, and you had far more fun than you thought you would have in a session about Six Sigma. George gets the people part of Six Sigma.”
- Karen Horn Cisco Systems

"For any Six Sigma team leader who has struggled in managing a dysfunctional team member or is struggling the storming phase of team development, Mr. Eckes offers time tested, pragmatic approaches that work!”
- Debbie Neuscheler JP MorganChase

“Whether new to Six Sigma or working in an established deployment this book is for you.”
- Lori Roets CSX

Making Six Sigma Last
- Managing the Balance Between Cultural and Technical Change

Most Six Sigma books focus on tactics and tools. George’s second book is totally devoted to helping create a Six Sigma culture. He addresses how to create a Six Sigma vision, how to create the need for Six Sigma in your organization and most importantly how to deal with resistance to change. Eckes demonstrates the need for dealing with human nature and persuading any organization to create cultural acceptance to change.

“Making Six Sigma Last is the most practical and helpful resource that I have seen on the subject. George’s charisma and charm spill over in this interesting and entertaining book….should become the benchmark for Six Sigma learning.”
- Dan Porter Chairman and CEO Wells Fargo Financial

“An energetic, step by step exploration filled with interesting and entertaining examples of real world business experiences. Making Six Sigma Last is a powerful action plan for managers!”
- Guenter Bulk Managing Director GE Capital IT Solutions

“There are several outstanding books on the general subject of Six Sigma and Eckes has written two of the best.”
- Rolf Dobelli Switzerland

One of 35 books in 2001 recommended by Process Associates of America
Consistently ranked 5 out of 5 on

The Six Sigma Revolution
- How GE and others Turned Process into Profits

The Six Sigma Revolution shows managers and implementers how to create and sustain a Six Sigma initiative in any organization. This hands-on resource explains how and why Six Sigma is superior to any other quality initiative. Unlike other books on Six Sigma it lays out the strategic component of Six Sigma and demonstrates how to create the infrastructure for its successful implementation in any company of any size.

“In the Six Sigma Revolution George communicates the principles of Six Sigma to audiences at every level and enables an immediate understanding of what is for many an intimidating subject.”
- Ross Leher Chairman and CEO RWI Interactive Information Services

“The Six Sigma Revolution is a powerful profit-building tool and an indispensable resource for leaders wanting to drive lasting improvement.”
- Mike Delaney Senior Vice President Marketing and Strategic Planning. Unifi Inc.

Ranked Among the 25 best business books of the new millennium by Strategy and Business Magazine.

Recommended Reading by the Caux Roundtable and Bain and Co.

Rated the 2nd best business book of 2000 by

Featured book on Harvard Business Review (2001)

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